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Waxes and varnishes will usually require more care and possibly a re-coating every now and again. You will need to re-coat as both wax and varnish create a powerfully strong protective barrier on top of the wood. Over time, this barrier begins to break down, which will allow dirt and dust to make their way into the wood grain. You will want to re-finish your floors before this happens.

On the other hand, oil doesn’t create a protective barrier on top of the floor. Instead, the wood soaks up the oil and as such, it will repel water and dirt. The issue with oil is it will need to be re-applied far more often than varnish. You will most likely need to re-oil every 18 to 36 months.

Our team at GJP Floor Sanding London is incredibly knowledgeable and will put their 30+ years of experience to good use by helping you choose the best finish for your floor.

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