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Wood Floor Finishes

The first few hours after floor sanding and restoration are crucial to ensuring that your floor keeps its wonderful finish. Although our products are designed to allow your floor to be ready quickly, you will still need to leave it to dry for a short period of time before you can use it. The floor will usually be touch-dry within 1-3 hours of application, but only the surface will be dry at this stage. You won’t be able to put anything heavy on it for around 8 hours, although you could walk on it briefly with bare or stockinged feet if necessary – just have a word with our trained finisher if you need to do this.

The following day
After 24 hours you can place some household furniture on the floor, although it’s still important to put felt or fabric pads on any furniture legs to give extra protection. It’s best to leave large, heavy items until 72 hours have passed, to be totally sure the surface is dry enough to withstand the weight.However, please remember that rugs can’t be put down for at least 7 days.

Looking after your new floor
Of course, you will want to make sure that you give your new floor the best possible care and attention, even though you will find that a varnished wooden floor will maintain its finish and resist wear and tear with the minimum of effort. The brushes on a good vacuum cleaner tool, or a simple soft broom, are the perfect way to keep your floor clean and dirt-free.Taking steps to prevent dirt from reaching your floor in the first place can also help preserve it. By installing barrier matting at your entrances, you can minimise the amount of dirt that is brought in, thus reducing the likelihood of scratches from grit or other materials, and keeping your floor surface in tip-top condition.Every now and then, your floor will benefit from a little additional cleaning. This can be done using a swivel-headed flat mop and small amount of proprietary floor cleaner, which ensures that almost all marks and stains can be removed easily.Occasionally you may encounter more stubborn stains, which can be tackled using the same floor cleaner, applied sparingly with a soft cloth. You will find they disappear with the minimum of effort.However, please note that a traditional mop and bucket are not suitable for cleaning your floor, because too much water will spoil the surface over a period of time.

Long term care
After some years, you may find that your floor loses its initial shine and warmth, and begins to look a bit tired. Naturally, you won’t need to consider this problem yet, but when you feel your floor needs some rejuvenating, simply contact us and we can advise you on the best method of floor restoration to return your wooden floor to its former glory.


At the beginning
Floor restoration using an oiled finish creates a totally different appearance from that of a varnished floor. Instead, a gentle lustre is created by the oil soaking into the wood, resulting in a more open ambiance, and giving a matt finish that appears more natural.
Your floor can be kept in optimum condition in a similar way to a varnished floor, by using the brushes on a vacuum cleaner or a soft broom. Preventing dirt from reaching your floor, by using effective mats, should also be an essential part of your floor-care routine.

Again, occasional cleaning with a flat-head mop and floor-care kit, such as the Bona system, will give your surface a regular boost, restoring it to excellent condition. And as with a varnished finish, getting your floor too wet when cleaning will result in the oil being leached from the wood, leaving it in a dry condition. This spoils the appearance and leaves it open to further damage.

Long term care
Over time, your floor may begin to look a bit dry, and lose some of its depth of colour and lustre. However, it’s a simple task to restore it, and we can advise you on the best products to use, depending on your individual circumstances. Just contact us when you feel you require floor restoration.

The use of floor tape
Of course, it’s essential to ensure that floor coverings don’t slip and cause accidents, but using double-sided tape can cause serious damage to your floor. Whether you have a varnished or an oiled finish, you should NEVER use strong double-sided tape to secure rugs and mats. The adhesives used in these high-tack tapes can penetrate the wood in your floor, damaging your cherished surface by causing it to lift from the upper layer of the wood. In serious cases the surface may come away from the wood completely. Using non-slip underlay is the best way to ensure maximum safety in your home whilst protecting the surface of your floor. Should you need to attach a covering to your floor, such as a decorator’s sheet, always use low-adhesive tape for the minimum possible amount of time, and remove it very carefully as soon as the work is completed, to avoid causing damage.