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If you are looking for a professional floor sanding service in Hassocks, you are in the right place. With over 30 years of combined experience under our belt, we will help you bring your wood floor back to life.

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If you need your hardwood or engineered wooden surface, including parquet flooring, to be repaired, restored or sanded, GJP Floor sanding is at your service. And we are always happy to offer you a free, no-obligation consultation in and around Hassock.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you see how much more elegant your floor will become after we are done with it.  That’s why we are highly recommended in Hassocks and have built a reputation as the wood floor expert of choice in the area.

Whether you want to sand the floor of your home or that of your business, the GJP Floor Sanding team in Hassocks will help you achieve a finish that you will be proud of.

A perfectly sanded wood floor can bring a drab room to life. It can help lift the spirit. But it has to done right. The finish needs to be uniform and the texture has to be rich. You need a company that will go the extra mile and carefully take care of the hard-to-reach places where machine often fail to reach. You need a company that understands that a ‘decently’ sanded floor is not good enough.

People who want the best floor sanding service in Hassocks and who can’t afford to compromise on quality choose GJP Floor sanding, and you should too.

The GJP Floor Sanding Difference in Hassocks

At GJP Floor Sanding, all we do is customer focused. Our goal is simply to create a floor that reflects you. If you already have a concrete idea of how you want your floor to look, we will listen and help make your idea a reality.

If you have only a rough idea of how you want your perfectly sanded wood floor to look like, our creative professionals will be delighted to help brainstorm, and they will help you select the perfect finish. If you prefer we make all the choices and tailor the floor to blend richly with your room, we will be delighted to wow you with our creativity. If you prefer a modern or contemporary wood floor finish, our sanding team will give you a finish that will satisfy you.

Whatever you choose, GJP Floor Sanding will deliver a floor that is unique, breathtaking and inspired by you.

Our Approach to Wood Floor Sanding in Hassock

To be honest, we don’t really reinvent the wheel when it comes to wood floor sanding and there is often no need to. With over a decade worth of experience, we know that it is the minor details that make a difference.

An aged oak floor can still be sanded in a way that will leave it looking timeless. But if you want an unconventional finish, say a beautifully designed blue or pink wood floor finish, we are your team. With the number of colours of oils available today, you can be as maverick as you want to be.

Our professionals are artists. You only need to say the word and it will be done.

The Sanding has to be Perfect for the Finishing to be Spectacular

A well-sanded floor is the first step to ensuring that that the right stain comes out right. Sanding has to be done diligently, and care must be taken to ensure every inch of the floor has the same smoothness and texture.

The Process: Wood Floor Repair, Gap Filling, Restoration and Sanding in Hassock

We normally have to inspect the room to ascertain what is required and understand the type of wood floor you have. We determine if we need to carry out wood floor repairs or if we have to fill gaps in the wood floor. Occasionally, we may need to carry out wood floor restoration in order for us to work.

Usually, our first job is to clear the floor so we can have full access. We will have to move your furniture out if possible, or move them to one side of the room and cover them. We carry out any preliminary repairs that are needed before we begin to sand your floors.

We usually start the sanding process with a 40 grit coarse abrasive, but sometimes the nature of the stains, paint or discoloration may require we start with the heavier 25 grit coarse abrasive.

After we have thoroughly sanded your whole floor with our heavy equipment, we usually use carbide hand scrapers to sand the edges and other hard to reach places that our heavy equipment can’t reach.

Wood Staircase Sanding

For wood staircase sanding, we also use a variety of tools to sand because our specialized heavy equipment we use for floors are unable to do it thoroughly.

To obtain a smooth and uniform finish for your wood floor and staircase, we have to work through various sand paper grits one after the other. So if we start with a 40 grit, we proceed to 60 and then 80 grit and so on.

We also have to thoroughly clean after using each grit to avoid catching a granule from the previous grit under a subsequent one, which can scratch or cause more severe damages on your wood floor or staircase.

After we are done with sanding your floor or staircase, we will move on to the finishing stage where we use our experience and creativity to guarantee a spectacular finish that will glow and last for years.

The Best Floor Sanding Equipment

Our heavy floor sanding machines include the highest quality German made “Hummel” and Swedish designed “Bona”. We have a variety of finishes, including hard-wearing lacquers and natural oils that are of the finest quality.

Combined with our skillful and dedicated staff, your floor will get the royal treatment it deserves.

Weekend and Overnight Wood Floor Sanding

Do you want an all-night service? Would you prefer a weekend service?

Whenever you need us, we are ready to respond. We will be there, and we never compromise on quality even at odd times. We are also happy to pick up the key from your agent or neighbor and go about the business of giving your floor a royal look while you are away at work or business.

We are well trusted in Hassock and you will find that our reputation is well-earned. All our professionals are personally employed by us and are fully vetted.

We know what is at stake, and we do a professional job.

Premium and Affordable Wood Sanding Company in Hassock

Yes, premium and affordable wood sanding is not contradictory if you choose GJP Floor Sanding in Hassock.

With hundreds of satisfied customers, we are certain that you will find that our work delivers on our promise.

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