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Are you currently dissatisfied with the condition of your wood floors? At GJP Floor Sanding, we are renowned in Worthing for restoring fine finishing to wood floors.

Some of our services including restoration, re-finishing and buffing. We can buff your wooden stairs and re-finish the banisters, too, for that new-look shine.

If you are in Worthing and require floor sanding services at your house or office premises, contact our professional technicians and they will transform it to pristine conditions.

We have been setting up and transforming old wood floors to attractive pieces of home interior for over 10 years, and have become known as “the floor sanding company in Worthing.”

Excellent customer service is the forefront of our floor sanding business and has earned us a Which? Trusted Trader badge of approval in Worthing.

GJP Floor Sanding is available to residents of Worthing all days of the week. If you have an emergency contact us for a rapid response.

Give your wood floors an attractive look. Or a fitting re-finish. Speak to one of our experts on 07773 769 931 or fill our contact form to set up a meeting.

Our tools are of the latest technology, guaranteed to deliver top service to customers. This means that there is no inconvenience to residents in a building while we are at work.

At GJP Floor Sanding, no floor is left un-finished.

Call our professionals in Worthing to fix up your old wood floors.


  • Highly Experienced Technicians

At GJP Floor Sanding, we have over 10 years of experience among our technicians. They are not just professionals, but well trained customer service personnel. Every interaction you receive is both informative and supportive. Your wood floors will be treated by the best in Worthing, no question.

  • Quality Service Delivery

In addition to our strict in-house philosophy for providing great customer service, our business operates in line with the service principles of Which? Trusted Traders. In other words, we have been endorsed by one of the best standards organisations in the UK. We guarantee that our finished work always delights.

  • Available Service Throughout the Week

To bring you the best, our professional technicians accessible all week. Any day, you can call us and get your floors sanded or buffed. We also give obligation free visits to households in Worthing that may need floor sanding consultation. Do you need advice for your wood floors? Call us for and Obligation free visit 07773 769 931

  • Wide Reach Floor Sanding Services

Due to the number of trained experts we have, our service has an extensive reach in Worthing. Wherever you are, it doesn’t matter, our technicians will get to you in no time. If you have an emergency, don’t hesitate to call GJP Floor Sanding immediately.

  • Latest Technology in the Business

We use the best equipment for our services. This guarantees efficiency and convenience for our customers. You don’t have to worry about dust emission because our buffer machines and power vacuum are of the finest stock; they minimise dust to minimum levels.

If your wood floors are chipped or peeling at the sides, it is time for a re-work. Call us on 0777 769 931


To bring your wood floors back to the finest conditions, we perform a systematic restoration process that includes the following:

Repairing your Floors

Floors can be damaged by different activities. Mechanical work or even a small domestic accident could chip a wood floor. Our technicians at GJP Floor Sanding identify the faulty areas and fix it with reclaimed pine floorboards. We also match the new ones to existing floorboards.

Filling the Gaps between the Floorboards

Most floorboards over time, tend to have gaps in between them. We fill these gaps to provide uniformity and consistency. The filling also prevents draught by providing a lagging effect against cold air that may seep in through the air bricks. Gap filling also reduces dirt that builds up in between.

Sanding Your Floor

Our floor sanding company places service excellence as a priority, and one of the ways we achieve this is by using the best quality equipment and materials. Our sanding machines are the finest in the industry; the German made “Hummel” and “Bonner” is guaranteed to leave any wood floor in Worthing beaming. What’s more, the power vacuum we use contains a hepa-filter that eliminates the spread of dust.

Staining and Picking Your Floor Colour

It is no secret how attractive staining your floor makes the room. At GJP Floor Sanding Worthing, we often use walnut or antique pine colours because it is such a favourite among our customers. By staining your wood floors, you give it that cosy feel and rich tone that makes your house homely or your office environment classy. Our preferred brand is Morrell because it lasts longer, has a good opacity for floor depth and excellent grain definition.

Refinishing your Floor

It is usually best to follow up your sanded floors with finishing; adding a protective layer of lacquer (varnish) or oil over it. This is because sanded floors are open to penetration by moisture which is unsuitable for wood floors. Our technicians apply the best quality lacquer for durability, and that beautiful appearance it gives a wood floor. In addition to beauty, the lacquer we use require less maintenance all year round.

Fire Hearth Removal

While this is an optional step, our floor sanders in Worthing can provide this service if you need it. We will remove any unwanted hearths by using a thorough process that leaves no trace of it left. We will raise the surrounding floors and fill the gaps with reclaimed floorboards.

Floor sanding is also a sustainable way to maintain your home as it reduces the demand for more hardwood, and subsequently tree cutting. Would you like to know more about the benefits of sanding your floors? Call us on 07773 769 931

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