Sanding Your Floor

Stage 3: Our Floor Sanding & Restoration Process

Our Floor Sanding Machines

We pride ourselves on professional floor sanding & finishing!

GJP Floor Sanding Brighton pride ourselves on professional floor sanding & finishing. We only use the best German made “Hummel” and Swedish made “Bonner” sanding equipment, which includes a powerful vacuum system / dust extraction systems on these machines results in around 3-5% dust.


We Do Not Cut Corners


Our professional refinishers select the proper combination of sand papers needed for the job and do not cut corners Before we commence work we make sure there are no nails or staples above the surface of the wood. Any nails / staples are removed / hammered down, any loose boards are secured.

Our Floor Sanding Process

hove-floor-sanding-machinesThe Sanding Process. Dependent on the condition of the floor we start with a course abrasive, normally this would be a 40g but occasionally old wood floors can be badly stained, discoloured or covered in paint, in cases like this we would start with a 24g. This process cleans the wood of most dirt and paint but will leave it with a very course finish.

Professional Finish

To make the wood floor totally clean, smooth and scratch free GJP Floor Sanding Brighton will apply the finer grades of abrasives finishing with a very fine 120g.

Please be aware floor sanding is reasonably noisy. All our Floor sanding specialists wear ear defenders and face masks.

If you live in a flat or semi-detached property it may be worth while informing your neighbours that you are having your floors restored. We keep noise to respectable hours and work between 9am-5pm.

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