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Are your wood floorboards in need of sanding or polishing? At GJP Floor Sanding Ltd. we are floor sanding experts based in Eastbourne. We offer an extensive range of professional floor sanding services from wood floor repairs to re-finishing.

Our services aren’t limited to floor sanding alone, and we provide no obligation consultations for both residential and office buildings. For over 10 years, our highly experienced team of floor sanding experts in Eastbourne have been transforming old wood floors into attractively restored floors in Eastbourne.

The high quality of our finished wooden floors has established our reputation as a leading floor sanding service in Eastbourne.

In addition to providing first-rate services, our team of floor sanding professionals are available 7 days of the week including Sundays. Do your wood floors need restoration? Call a floor sanding expert on 07773 769 931

We use the latest technology to deliver our services quickly, without any inconvenience to the homeowner. Are your wood floors damp, or are they in rotting conditions? It could be dangerous to residents of your building. Contact one of our qualified professionals via our line 07773 769 931. Or request a Free Quote Here


  • Highly Experienced Team

We have been in business for more than 10 years, and have a team of very experienced floor sanding experts delivering quality service to residents of Eastbourne. In addition to their expertise, our technicians offer excellent customer service. We guarantee that there is no wood floor related problem that we can’t resolve.

  • Excellent Quality

Our service is delivered with unrivalled quality; as a result, we have the approval of the Which? Trusted Trader icon. This places us as a trustworthy business that is recognized for consistent customer satisfaction and value added services.

  • Obligation Free Site Visits in Eastbourne

Our professional team offers obligation free consultancy services to residents who require advice in maintaining their wood floors and keeping it in pristine condition. This service is available for free, especially after we finish floor sanding your home in Eastbourne. Need advice about your floors? Call us now 07773 769 931

  • Available Floor Sanding Services 7 days a Week

Our services are available every day of the week. If you are in an emergency, a simple call will have or floor sanding expert at your doorstep. Our excellent service places our customer’s needs above everything. Take advantage of our offering and fix your ageing wood floors. Do you want a quote? Contact us through our booking form

  • Wide Reach in Short Period of Time

Our floor sanding experts have an extensive reach within Eastbourne and its surrounding environs. This makes it easy to respond quickly to customer calls wherever they are. This is also useful in emergency situations like mouldy or rotting wood floors.

  • Modern Floor Sanding Equipment

Most times floor sanding can raise a lot of dust and inconvenience the home or building residents. With our hi-tech equipment, this is not an issue because our machine contains a Hepa filter that controls the spread of dust and minimises discomfort. We guarantee that our customer service is unmatched anywhere else. Contact one of our Floor sanding experts in Eastbourne for an Obligation Free Service by Booking Here


Fixing Your Floor

Floorboards are usually in a poor condition because of the carpets and rugs used to cover them. Sometimes, domestic workers such as electricians and plumbers break through them to get to pipes, leaving them in an unsightly state. Our experts can repair them using reclaimed pine floor boards to replace the broken boards. They will also ensure that the new floorboards match the existing ones.

Filling the Gaps Between Boards

A lot of people like to fill the gaps in the floorboards to make them level and more attractive. Gap fillings also serve as an insulation and prevents draughts when cold air enters the house though the bricks. They also stop the trapping of dirt that occurs between floor boards

Sanding your Floor

At GJP Floor Sanding Eastbourne, we are proud of the quality of our sanding and finishing services. We apply the trusted German manufactured “Hummel” and “Boner” sanding equipment from Sweden. This consists of an effective power-vacuum/ dust extraction system that minimises levels to 3% – 5%. Are you in need of floor sanding services? Fill our online form to book a meeting with a professional.

Staining/Selecting a Colour

You can add beauty and depth to your wooden floor by staining it with expressive colours. Most common selections are walnut and antique pine. By staining your floor with the right colour, you can give the room a rich warm tone. At GJP Floor sanding in Eastbourne, we use Morrells’ litefast floor stains for maximum results. Morrells Floor stains are more durable, quick drying and have a high opacity to give your room that lovely colour persona and superior grain distinction.

Refinishing your Floor

Immediately after a floor has been sanded, it becomes susceptible to leaks and needs finishing with lacquer (varnish) or oil to protect it. Lacquer brings a more pragmatic and attractive finishing to a floor. It also promotes durability and requires less maintenance year round. The most important part of the whole sanding procedure is the quality the seal applied to the floor.

Fire Hearth Removal

This stage is optional but often requested by clients. Our floor sanding specialists in Eastbourne can remove undesirable fire hearth. We deliver a systematic service that involves the elevation of the surrounding floor and filling the space with reclaimed floor boards. This eliminates all traces of the original hearth. Ring us here for a free quote 07773769931

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