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Set your business apart in Brighton with an impressive floor.

The floors of your business premises need to look their absolute best. This will help position yours as a business that people should reckon with.

Do you have wooden floors that look old, tired, scratched, or worn? GJP Floor Sanding is your go-to solution for professional floor sanding and refinishing in Brighton.

We work on all wooden floors in any type of commercial building regardless of the state of the floor. Our floor sanding specialists will bring your floor back to life. They will make it as good as new without disruption to your business.

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What Is Floor Sanding?

Floor sanding is a floor restoration technique. It involves using abrasive materials to scrape the top surfaces of a wooden floor. It takes a certain level of expertise and experience to sand floors proficiently.

The sanding process eliminates debris, dust, blemishes, holes and discolouration on the floor. This will reveal the untarnished wood underneath.

Draughts and squeaks are often associated with uncovered floorboards. If you have been experiencing this, our floor sanders will solve this for you. We can ensure the floor is free from defects by expertly filling the gaps. This alone extends the life of your wood floor.

What are The Benefits of Sanding Your Commercial Floor?

Give your floor a new look

Is your commercial floor is worn out and looking old? Sanding and refinishing will restore and give it a new look. If there are damages, discolouration, and stains, sanding will remove all.

Makes your commercial floor easier to clean

It’s near impossible to properly clean a floor that has lost its shine. No matter how well and often you clean it, it will still appear dirty. This is not good for business.

Sanding your commercial floor will cut down the amount of time spent on cleaning. It will make the floor very easy to clean and help you conserve your cleaning materials.

Reduces maintenance

The extra maintenance you do on old and worn floors will stop after the floor is sanded and refinished.

Improves the lighting inside

How well lights illuminates the inside of your business space depends on the floors. Floors that have faded and discoloured will do a poor job at reflecting the light fully. As a result, the inside of your business building looks darker than it should.

A well-sanded floor can restore the natural light-reflecting ability of floors. It will light up your interior fully and making it appear roomy.

Conveys class and quality

The appearance of your commercial floor shows class or lack thereof. A commercial floor, well sanded and polished, will position your brand as a quality brand. It will naturally drawing customers in.

Cleanliness is a must in businesses like hotels, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Well sanded and polished floor makes places like these more welcoming and inviting.

Makes your floor more durable

A well sanded wood floor is safe against scratches, stains, foot traffic, and wears for many years. This will help you save on repairs and maintenance.

Prevents new issues from popping up

Sanding not only eliminates existing damage but also prevents new issues from appearing. Lots of issues can affect a wooden floor, but sanding and polishing ensure it is protected. This will also spare you a lot of potential problems and expenses in the future.

Eliminates allergies

Besides the warmth and comfort it provides, sanding wooden floors also prevents allergies. After-all, properly treated wooden floors do not attract insects, pollen, mildew or mould.

Protect your investment

When a commercial floor is old and worn, complete damage is inevitable. And when left to deteriorate, it will cost you more to fix. By sanding your floor, you not only save money but also protect your investment.

As you can see, there are just so many reasons to invest in floor sanding for your commercial space. Why not get in touch with us at GJP Floor Sanding to talk about what we can do for your commercial space.

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Our Commercial Floor Sanding Process

Our three-step process provides our Brighton clients with the best floor sanding.

Step 1: Preparation

For effective sanding, we remove any foreign object attached to the floor. This includes adhesives, nails and tacks, making the floor ready for sanding.

Step 2: Sanding

Using our cutting-edge, dust-free sanding machine, we sand the floor thoroughly. This process will remove old coatings and smooth the floor to make it even.

Step 3: Finishing

Once we are confident that the sanding is perfect, we will use a protective sealant as finishing.

A floor finish is a solvent that is applied to floors and dries into a shiny, long-lasting and hard film. This film is intended to preserve and prolong the longevity of your floor. It also provides a slip-resistant surface and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

GJP Floor Sanding has what it takes to transform your floors and make them new again. You can confidently use them as an attractive feature of your business.

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What Are the Types of Floor Materials We Sand?

GJP Floor Sanding has the skills and experience to sand a broad range of floor materials. This includes:

  • Bamboo floors
  • Timber floors
  • Parquet floors
  • Particle boards

We’re experts in wooden floor repair and restoration. Our team of expert floor sanders will sand and finish your flooring to the highest quality.

Our Commercial Floor Sanding Service is Ideal For:

  • Airports
  • Art Galleries
  • Bars
  • Boardrooms
  • Cafes
  • Dance Schools
  • Galleries
  • Gyms
  • Halls and Lodges
  • Hotels
  • Leisure Centre
  • Museums
  • Night Clubs
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Sports Centres
  • and so on.

Why Choose GJP Floor Sanding for Your Commercial Floor Sanding in Brighton?

We Do it Right the First Time

GJP Floor Sanding is here to assist with the sanding needs of your hardwood floors. Our experienced team will get the job done correctly the first time out. We will also finish on time and with outcomes you can be proud of.

Fully Trained Operatives

All our professional floor sanders have gone through the best training. They use top-quality equipment and techniques to perform all commercial floor sanding works. This is why we have loads of satisfied customers. What goal do you want to accomplish with your floors? GJP Floor Sanding is your first step to reaching your goals.

First-Class Service

We approach our work as passionate artisans. Our goal is to make something both functional and spectacular. You tell us the issues with your floor and we return with the perfect solutions. We have the tools and the expertise and use them to your full advantage.

Dust-Free Technology

With each project, we use the latest cutting-edge dust-free floor sanding machines. With our modern tools, you don’t have to worry about dust or much noise.

Competitive Pricing

With us, you can get highly competitive prices with no hidden charges. We provide a simple, concise invoice to let you know what your job will cost. If an unforeseen extra cost comes to light as we work, we will let you know on time.

Health and Safety

All our floor sanders are professional workmen. They are known for upholding the best standards for health and safety. To protect the air quality, our sanding service is practically dust-free. Many of the products and items we use are organic. They don’t leave any residue behind. They are also safe for children, pets, and adults with respiratory issues.

24 Hour/Overnight Service

At GJP Floor Sanding, we understand that your Brighton business operations should not be disrupted. That is why we can carry out our floor sanding after business hours. At a time where there is little or minimal disruption to your business operations.

Our ultimate aim is to get your clients standing on your wood floor as soon as possible. To this end, we can work at night and complete the job before the next business day.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional sanding company like GJP Floor Sanding, gives you absolute peace of mind. We are fully insured. Plus, all of our employees are certified to the highest health and safety standards.


We cover the whole of Brighton and Hove in East Sussex. We have worked on commercial floors sanding projects in most parts of the East Sussex area. This includes Ovingdean, Woodingdean, Brighton Marina and all the way out to Eastbourne. We travel along the A27 and into Brighton city centre. We also work in and around Portslade-by-Sea, Southwick, Portslade Village, Withdean and Saltdean.

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Place your trust in GJP Floor Sanding for your floor sanding project. You will discover that our reputation for doing fantastic work is real.

Let us turn your old and dull-looking wooden floors into beautiful, outstanding features. When we are done, you can confidently welcome customers to your new-looking office.

Contact us today to request a free no-obligation quote. You can also get in touch to learn more about our sanding services. We welcome enquiries from commercial customers in Brighton.


Does floor sanding create a lot of dust?

Yes, dust is produced while sanding the floors. But BRANDXXX sanding experts can sand and finish your hardwood floors with little or no dust. Our high-tech device eliminates the dust from your property in a dust-free process.

How much does commercial floor sanding cost?

Prices depend on the size of the surface, the amount of repair required and the finishes you pick. But, when you choose BRANDXXX, we will always take your budget into consideration.

What type of finish is best for hardwood floors?
The most common surface finish for hardwood floors is water-based polyurethane. It offers a smooth finish and has the classic look and feel of hardwoods.

Can you walk on freshly sanded floors?

The floors will be clear enough to step on and put the furniture on, 24 hours after the final coat is applied.

Do you have to sand hardwood floors before staining?

Yes, it’s a must that you sand and finish your hardwood floor before staining. If you don’t sand the floors first, the hardwood floor won’t absorb the stain adequately. This means that the polyurethane won’t stick effectively. Sanding before staining is the only way to change your hardwood floor colour.

How many times can a floor be sanded?

This Depends on how rough the floor is and how technically qualified the sanding person is. Hardwood floors can be re-sanded up to ten times.

Excellent from start to finish. Job finished as quoted plus a few small potential extras as agreed before work started (with no amends needed to final invoice), work completed faster than quoted, friendly and professional all the way, excellent communication during the work. Very happy with the final result.
Graham Luckhurst
Graham Luckhurst
19:32 25 Jun 18
Have use this company a number of times now for a few of my venues. They have just finished a wonderful job one 3 of them. I will continue to use them in future with no hesitation. Great guys to have along with great rates. I will be continuing to use them in future.
Jamie Hardy
Jamie Hardy
09:20 05 Jan 18
Fantastic quote and fantastic work carried out by GJP. My shop floor has never looked so good. They were quicker than i thought as well. I highly recommend them! Thanks again guys!
Carl Watts
Carl Watts
11:53 18 Dec 17
Such a brilliant job done on my mum's floor. We were hunting high and low for a great price and we found it. The whole bottom of the house looks like New.
Lake Causer
Lake Causer
18:09 03 Jan 18
We choose GJP Flooring after looking at Reviews and after how professional and attentive GJP were when they came to look at our job. GJP were true professionals, our job was completed quickly, my boards where a mess, GJP sorted out the full, with no mess, we now have beautiful polished natural floor boards that don’t squeak, they even went beyond expectations and polished other wood.
Abbul Naveed
Abbul Naveed
08:52 14 Aug 18
Great attentive service. Lovely finish to our floor. Very pleased, with our wooden floors. Great service and deserves a recommendation.
Dax MacPherson
Dax MacPherson
08:58 14 Aug 18
We had all the carpets taken up in the Victorian house we recently moved into. The old wooden floors and stairs were in dire need of a sanding.We have had compliments from everyone who has visited the home, including other tradesmen. We are delighted with the work and would happily recommend GJP Flooring to anyone.
Paul Davies
Paul Davies
08:02 17 Aug 18
GJP Flooring did an amazing job on my floor, they were on time very efficient and tidied up after themselves, the floor looks amazing, I am so glad I didn't have to get a new floor. I would highly recommend these to anyone!
Christaugunus Opara
Christaugunus Opara
15:25 28 Aug 18
They did such a good job, the floor looks amazing. Really great service and finish. We had the whole upstairs of our flat sanded and oiled and boards repaired.
Melvyn Rattenbury
Melvyn Rattenbury
09:20 03 Sep 18
GJP Floor Sanding did a great job with my kitchen wood floor. They are honest and very professional. He will give you helpful suggestions to make your floor look just perfect. Highly recommend.
Tina Baker
Tina Baker
15:46 04 Sep 18
The floor is beautiful. They know what their customers want. They completely changed my bedroom floor. It looks amazing now. The pricing is straightforward and affordable. I will absolutely be recommend GJP to anyone.
Dina Howard
Dina Howard
08:21 06 Sep 18
Brilliant job by GJP on my oak hall floor. Awkward job with lots of inns and outs. Finish way beyond my expectations. Thoroughly professional job. Recommend GJP Floor Sanding
Steve Goundry
Steve Goundry
08:24 06 Sep 18
A really good job, completed quickly by two friendly professionals who knew what they were doing and discussed all aspects of the job before starting. Our floors look wonderful and I'm so glad we decided to have them sanded and go with GJP.
Clare Jaap
Clare Jaap
08:14 18 Oct 18
From start to finish an excellent service from the GJP Flooring team. Great pricing as well. I recommend GJP flooring and will be using them again.
Vicine Morris
Vicine Morris
08:16 06 Sep 18
Excellent company, we are very pleased with our restored parquet floors, they look fantastic. Staff are very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend.
Jill Creese
Jill Creese
07:27 11 Sep 18
Our experience with all the staff at GJP Floor Sanding was exceptional from the initial phone call to the completion of the work required. Excellent customer service, professional manners and quality of work at competitive prices. Highly recommended.
Leyton Rooney
Leyton Rooney
12:49 31 Dec 18
GJP provide an excellent service; the 2 guys that came to do the sanding were professional in their approach and hard working, The floors looked transformed. Really pleased with the job.
rachel wyndham
rachel wyndham
22:40 23 Jan 19
Extremely happy with every aspect of this job. Total pros, great value for money, helpful, pleasant, polite and quick.
Rebecca Willis
Rebecca Willis
16:17 28 Mar 19
Couldn't recommend there services enough. Quick, clean and the end result was excellent.
eds john
eds john
14:34 08 May 19
Great job and service from start to finish. Did Floors look amazing.
Jeanette Ashton
Jeanette Ashton
10:49 18 May 19
Very professional to deal with, from the start to finish! Glyn was courteous and efficient in helping straight away and the team was top class! The job was finished in 1 day with great results! Highly recommended!
Luciane Sorrino
Luciane Sorrino
19:31 16 Jun 19
I am so happy with the work Paul and Luke did on my wooden floors,they look amazing now lovely pine wooden floors the notches in the wood stand out with a matt varnish finish.They both were so professional and did a great job.
Pippa Crowter
Pippa Crowter
15:11 01 Jul 19
Did our oak kitchen floor. Excellent job, great guys, polite and tidy, minimal dust. 100% recommend.
charlie sefi
charlie sefi
14:27 24 Jul 19
I am so happy with the work Paul and Luke did on my wooden floors,they look amazing now lovely pine wooden floors the notches in the wood stand out with a matt varnish finish.They both were so professional and did a great job.
Pippa Crowter
Pippa Crowter
13:45 01 Jul 19
GJP did a fantastic job sanding and resealing our original pine floorboards, restoring them to their natural beauty. They also repaired a number of holes and large chunks which had been taken out, but are now barely visible. They were responsive, friendly, and the quote was very reasonable. Highly recommend and we would go direct to them for any future works. (before & after photos)
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams
16:47 23 Dec 22
Professional and friendly service. Managed to book in a date that suited us with quite a short lead time. The team on the day were were communicative and professional, they did a great job, got it done fast and left the place very neat. Our floors look brilliant!
Violet Bennell
Violet Bennell
13:54 26 Nov 20
It was easy dealing with GJP- good communication and quick to answer queries. We love our sanded and repaired floorboards; consistent high quality finish over 3 rooms and hallway, great attention to detail. Very happy with the results.
J Lindsay
J Lindsay
13:26 16 Sep 21
This is probably third of fourth time we've used GJP Flooring to sand our floors and they've always been excellent. They always turn up when they say, the job takes as long as they estimate and the price is fair. Best of all, the finish is spot on and the guys always work neatly and cleanly. Great work Glyn, thanks again.
Paul Spirou
Paul Spirou
11:12 01 Feb 14

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