Fire Hearth Removal

Fire Heath Removal

GJP Floor Sanding Brighton specialises in removing redundant concrete fire hearths.

First the concrete hearth is chased out. We then uplift the floorboards surrounding the old hearth/fire place. The excess concrete is removed and where required joists are then screwed into place to bridge any gap and provide support for new floor boards.

GJP Floor Sanding Brighton will then search reclamation yards for reclaimed floor boards until we find a good match for your floor. The reclaimed pine floorboards are used to cover the void & staggered in to blend in with the existing floor (click here to read more about our finishing process).

This area is now ready to be sanded. A member of our team will blend in a new piece of skirting resulting in an invisible high quality repair. With the application of the final coat of lacquer it is hard to believe there was ever a fire place at all!





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