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Does your wood floor have leaks or does it creak? Does it look like it has had better days?

You may want to call a floor sanding professional in Crawley.

Our specialists at GJP Floor Sanding have helped repairing and sanding floors like yours in Crawley. Our services cover all types of wood floors, from filling gaps in pine floorboards to finishing hardwood.

Our floor sanding professionals work on domestic wood floors, as well as those in office areas, within Crawley. Including public premises with heavy foot traffic.

As experts, we have been providing excellent floor sanding services for over a decade, to the people of Crawley and it neighbouring areas.

Because of our experience and efficiency, we are unquestionably the preferred choice for floor sanding services in Crawley.

Furthermore, our floor sanding services are available all through the week, for the residents of Crawley.

If you have any wood floor problems, why not give us a call? Our contact is 07773 769 931

Most people worry about dust from floor sanding service, but we assure you that our cutting-edge equipment reduces dust significantly, meaning a cleaner process, and a cleaner finish.

Is there a floor in your home that looks out of place? Or perhaps one in need of refinishing?

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Why Is GJP Floor Sanding A Leading  Solution For Wood Floor Services?

  • Highly Professional Floor Sanding Technicians

In addition to their proficiency and years of service, our technicians are trained regularly to provide excellent customer service to your home. Their services don’t end with the job, but include their friendly disposition towards our customers’ issues. You will surely feel at ease while receiving our expert services.

  • Great Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves in the quality of service we offer, as we can assure you that you will be very satisfied when our professionals are done. Our wood floors aren’t only works of art but last long enough to save you money in repair fees. What’s more, our floor sanding services come with valuable maintenance tips.

  • No Obligation, Free Professional Floor Sanding Service Visits in Crawley

If you have doubts about what to do with your wood floors, give one of our experts a call and you will get a visit. The technician will advise you on the best decision to make for your floors. Very few floor sanding services in Crawley do this for free. And when you do make up your mind, hire us to do a plum job on that wood floor. We promise to deliver. For an Obligation Free Consultation in Crawley, Call 07773 769 931

  • All Week Available Floor Sanding Services

We are ready to respond to your call any day of the week. We have the team and the resources, so if you are in an emergency situation, give us a ring. From Monday to Sunday, we are available for consultation or floor sanding services in Crawley.

  • Cutting-Edge Floor Sanding Equipment

If you are worried about dust disturbance, we assure you that our equipment is the latest in the business. It minimises dust emissions that make the place unbearable. Therefore, our customers are not only safe, but experience minimal inconvenience while we work. With this, we provide quick solutions to your wood floor problems too. Problematic Floorboards? Get in touch with an Expert now. Call 07773 769 931

GJP Floor Sanding and Restoration Process

Floor sanding is a highly technical process and requires the attention of skilled professionals. We apply the following steps below:

Floor Repairs

When other home technicians like plumbers and electricians work, they often break through the floorboards to access materials underneath, leaving it in bad conditions. Floor boards are also covered by materials like carpets that give them a lacklustre appearance. We can fix these by replacing broken floorboards with reclaimed pine floorboards and matching them with your original floor.


Gap Filling Between Boards

This service gives uniformity to the floor and makes it more comfortable to the feel. Additionally, gap filling insulates the living area and stops draught caused by cold air coming in through the air bricks. It also prevents dirt from collecting between floorboards.


Floor Sanding

At GJP Floor Sanding, we use the best equipment and materials for our clients. Therefore, our floor sanding process is one of the best in Crawley. Materials such as the German “Hummel” and the Swedish “Bonner”, combined with our efficient power vacuum system to extract dust, guarantees an excellent job at the end of the service.


Floor Staining and Colouring

Wood floor staining adds a touch of beauty and coziness to a room. Our popular colours include walnut and antique pine. Staining your floor also a gives it a peculiar attractive appeal. For this, our experts at GJP Floor Sanding in Crawley use Morrells floor stains, which isn’t only durable but dries fast. It also has a high opacity for unbeatable colour depth and fine grain definition.


Refinishing your Floor

As soon as a floor has been completely sanded, it becomes very permeable and needs finishing with varnish or oil to prevent it from absorbing moisture. Lacquer is the most effective, attractive and durable way to finish a floor. It also doesn’t need regular maintenance year round. The type of seal used during floor sanding is very important and at GJP, we make sure that we apply the best.


Fire Hearth Removal

Our expert technicians at GJP floor sanding in Crawley can remove unwanted fire hearths. We deliver an in-depth service that includes the raising of surrounding flooring, and plugging the space with reclaimed floor boards to remove all traces of the previous hearth. Ring us here for a free professional floor sanding estimate in Crawley- 07773769931

GJP floor sanding is a team of professional floor sanding technicians in Crawley- guaranteed to solve all your wood floor issues. Contact us here to speak with one of our team at the leading professional floor sanding service in Crawley.

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