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GJP Floor Sanding is the leading provider of floor sanding services in Ward Hurst. For over a decade, we have built a reputation as the go-to experts for high quality sanding and other related services in Ward Hurst.

Clients who cannot afford to compromise on quality and standards trust us, because they know that with us quality is guaranteed.

Your wooden floor is not just a signature of class; it also helps to bring out the beauty of your home or office. Maintaining and ensuring that it keeps its glow is the wise thing to do.

30 years’ Floor Sanding Experience In Ward Hurst

When we started this business more than 30 years ago, it was our passion for sanding and restoring wood floors that led us. We made a commitment to only offer the best service in every possible aspect, and we are glad we’ve never compromised on it.

Leading Floor Sanding Solutions Provider in Ward Hurst

It’s not our experiences that we look back on. We are constantly looking for ways to help improve the standard of service in this industry. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate. As a leader in Ward Hurst, we simply have to.

Customer-centric Sanding Experts

Our customers are at the heart of all we do. We understand their busy schedules, and we are always flexible to meet their demand.

Some of our customers are commercial business owners or directors who need our service but can’t afford but can’t afford to inconvenience their customers, or close their business even for urgently needed sanding or restoration service.

Others are in charge of places such as gyms, restaurants, churches, saloons, and so on. They all want the best of service. They also can’t afford the inconvenience of doing it every now and then, so they want a long-lasting solution to their wood floor issues.

They need it done professionally, yet require speed.  For such clients, they often prefer our weekend or overnight services.

They know we will get it done faster than anyone without compromising one bit on quality. In terms of the beauty of our work, our projects all over Ward Hurst speak for us.

State-Of-The-Art Floor Sanding Equipment

We use state-of-the-art wood floor sanding and restoration machinery and technology. Using the best equipments is crucial to achieving a uniform and smooth finish. We use the best German “Hummel”, as well as Swedish made Bona for every wood floor sanding project.

We use only the best formulations that are approved. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff are able to combine the technology and formulations masterfully to provide the excellent service that has become the hallmark of GJP Floor Sanding in Ward Hurst.

Transparent Process

Transparency is one of our core values. We discuss with you all available finishes, what needs to be done, challenges, and we are always upfront about our services and fees. We give our clients advice on the best ways to maintain and protect their wood floor.

Contact Expert Wood Floor Sanding Service in Ward Hurst

Sanding wood flooring correctly, requires a professional approach. At times, it’s the easily overlooked part that makes a difference.  There are various processes we follow in other to get the job done perfectly. With over 30 years of experience, we have improved and perfected the process of getting your floor perfectly sanded to ensure a smooth, uniform and beautiful finish.

We move all heavy furniture out of the way to allow us full access to the room. We are happy to move out heavy furniture. If it’s not possible to move them out, we move the furniture to one side of the room and cover them to protect them from dust or residue.

We usually start with a coarse abrasive but this depends on the state of your floor. A 40 grit is usually sufficient for the task, but for old floors that are severely discoloured, stained or covered in paint, the big guns, such as the 24 grit, are better suited for the task. This will normally wipe off most of the stains, leaving the floor with a rough finish.

The next step is to gradually work through the various sandpaper grits in order to ensure the floor is perfectly sanded.

In working from 40 to 60, and then to 80 sandpaper grit, we thoroughly clean the floor in between to ensure that the previous grit granule is not caught up underneath the next one to avoid scratches.

For example, if a 40 grit granule gets caught under a 60 grit granule, it can seriously damage your wooden floor. Once we are done with all the various coarse sanding stages, the floor is now ready for the finish-sanding stage.

Here, we take the rough look of your wood floor and transform it into a nice, uniform and smooth sanded finish.

We are Flexible Around You

Thanks to the reputation and trust we have built over the years working in Ward Hurst, some clients prefer we pick up the key from their agent and carry out the project while they are away at work, or even on holiday. We can work the windows in the day that suit you best too, to ensure that you are able to carry on with your daily activities without being disrupted by our work.

After we are done with the project, we clean up the place and return the furniture to where it was. We ensure that you are completely happy with the end result. That is our commitment to you- Satisfaction guaranteed.

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We are always on standby to provide you with any advice you need with your wood floor. If you need any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us. If you need a free quotation then we can provide and outline quote over the phone, or come to you and provide a transparent comprehensive costing.

Call us today and give your floor the make-over it needs.

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