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GJP Floor Sanding Company; a Leader in Haywards Heath

If you live in Haywards Heath, your wood floors are probably in top-notch condition. If they are not, then you probably haven’t heard about GJP Floor Sanding.

At GJP, our technicians are magicians with wooden floors. We can transform a lifeless floor into a beaming work of art, radiating its shine to all the corners of your room. We specialize in repairing, floor sanding, colouring and finishing wood floors- if your stairs or bannister rails are made of wood, we can refinish them as well.

We work on home and office wood floors across the Haywards Heath area, and for over a decade, our technicians have been restoring home wood floors to excellent conditions.

As the leading floor sanding service in Haywards Heath, we are also proud to say that our company has been accredited for high quality standards by Which? Trusted Traders; top standards organisation in the country.

Round The Clock Floor Sanding Solutions in Haywards Heath

We are available for service from Monday to Sunday; our customers are assured if they have an urgent need for a wood floor expert.

If you live in Haywards Heath, and your wood floors aren’t in top condition, give us call.

As a company that strives for complete customer satisfaction, we use superior quality equipment to provide you with the best service. Contact us via our online form, and we will make your floors shine the way they were meant to.


  • Floor Sanding Experts

It’s simple. We are the best at what we do. With more than a decade in our practice, we bring to your floors, the skills and techniques we have built over the years. At GJP Floor Sanding Ltd., wood floors are our specialty, and our best hands in Haywards Heath are guaranteed to make your floors sparkle like new.

  • Service Excellence and Delivery

We deliver as promised. It’s not just words, we actually do. Our endorsement by Which? Trusted Traders proves that our actions speak louder than our words. The standards organisation regularly performs strict quality examinations on our business and has backed us as one of its trustworthy members. Needless to say, you are in good hands.

  • We Give Obligation Free Visits

If you are unsure about your wood floors and still pondering whether to make it a full floor sanding or just a surface buffering, you shouldn’t have to make an uninformed decision. We have an obligation free service that offers you expert consultancy from a professional- and it is free. Contact us immediately, and we will advise you accordingly. Call us Now for an Obligation Free Visit on 07773 769 931

  • Cost-efficiency and Value

As experienced professionals we have built a partnership with timber companies, licensed wood dealers and other key players in the industry. We are not only able to bring you the best materials, but we also work with your budget to provide efficient services at yet cost-effective prices. That way, you get professionally sanded floors at real value for your money.

  • Emergency Floor Sanding Service in Haywards Heath

Rotting or dust-mite infested hardwood are dangerous, and are some reasons for an emergency. Call our ever-ready technicians to resolve this problem; we have a wide reach around Haywards Heath and will respond within minutes of your call. We are also available every day of the week so you are assured of an expedited response.

Do you think your floorboards are rotting? If they are always damp, then they probably are. Call one of our professionals immediately 07773 769 931

Our Floor Sanding and Restoration Process

At GJP Floor Sanding Company, we take your wood floors through the following processes to make them new again:

Floor Repairs

The first stage of our sanding process involves the identification of any damaged or broken floorboards. This may include damage done during a previous heavy duty job such as plumbing. We then replace the damaged floorboards with reclaimed pine ones, ensuring that the new floorboards match the old ones in texture, size and colour.

Filling the Gaps Between Floorboards

Whether it is in the office or a room in your home, gaps in floorboards are sources of cold air which enters through the air bricks, especially during winter. Filling these gaps provides insulation against draught and also prevents dirt from collecting in those spaces.

Sanding your Floor

At GJP Floor Sanding company, Haywards Heath, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best service for our customers by using the premium hardware sanding equipment. Some of our materials include the German made “Hummel” and the Swedish “Bonner”. Our high power vacuum is also dust efficient and convenient in households.

Staining and Picking Colour for your Floor

Floor staining adds a beauty to your room that improves its ambience. A lot of our customers love the Walnut and antique pine colours because of their radiant effect. Our technicians at GJP Floor Sanding Company are responsible for many of the beautifully coloured wood floors in Haywards Heath. They use Morrells’ litefast floor stains for the best results; durability and excellent opacity for floor depth.

Refinishing your Floor

When re-finishing, it is important to use the right seal for the wood floor. As soon as the floor has been sanded, it becomes susceptible to permeation by water or moisture in the air. Refinishing with lacquer or oil is carried out to place a protective layer over the wood floor. Lacquer (varnish) not only makes the floor attractive, but also gives it durability and does not need regular maintenance.

Fire Hearth Removal

If you have a fire hearth you no longer need, our floor sanding experts can remove it. We conduct a complete removal of the hearth so that not a single part is left. Our process involves lifting the floor around it and replacing the space with reclaimed floorboards. This service is optional.

Gjp Floor Sanding is your guaranteed solution for premium quality floor sanding services in Haywards Heath, at affordable prices. To find out more about our services, give us a ring on 07773 769 931

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