Floor Sanding Lewes

Floor Sanding in Lewes

If you are looking at your wooden floors and thinking they need some work then you are not alone.

There are many reasons homeowners want their wood floors sanded in Lewes.

Often it is to repair damage to the floor. Sometimes, it is to recolour, to apply another finish for a new sheen, or to preserve the wood used in the floorboards. Wood floors are renewable, benefiting from repairs rather than replacement, and sanding them is a great way to restore beauty to them–beauty that is adds a touch of class and style to any living space or workplace.

Call floor sanding experts in Lewes to do the following for your wood floors

  • Restore their beauty and appeal.
  • Make them durable and thus long-lasting.
  • Rid them of dents and scratches.
  • A nicely gap-filled wood floor will reduce the chances of dirt and dust gathering in the joints and work hand-in-hand with smooth sanding to make cleaning easy.
  • Make it easier to change the colour and finish of your floor anytime.

Our floor sanding solutions in Lewes

  • Floor repairs

A damaged floor doesn’t only look bad, it also poses some health hazards. Scratches, dents, cracks, stains, and leaks are all repairable. Perhaps stripping off your old carpet left a fluffy mess or you want to permanently remove your hearth and fix the floor under it to match the rest of the house.

The bottom line is that damages to your wood floor are unsightly. And a tear in the floor can easily injure your toes or the soles of your feet. There are many ways you can repair these damages—the use of reclaimed floorboards or pine silvers, the application of another finish, simple recolouring, sanding et cetera.

Always remember that your floors can be repaired, and GJP Floor Sanding package in Lewes can add flair to the process.

  • Gap filling

Insulating and draught-proofing floorboards is a crucial aspect of our floor sanding process. It doesn’t only provide uniformity in the alignment of the floorboards, but also helps your home retain warmth and cooling—thus lowering your air-conditioning needs and power consumption.

It will also prevent insects and dust from getting into your home through gaps between floorboards and reduce the gathering of debris and dirt in the joints.

Gap filling can be achieved using reclaimed pine slivers—this is completely natural—a mix of resin, sand, saw dust, and other eco-friendly products out there. GJP Floor Sanding Lewes will properly attend to any gaps between your floorboards to make your wood floor seamless and improve symmetry.

  • Floor Sanding

Sanding requires skill, experience, and the proper equipment, and GJP Floor Sanding packs the bests of the three to ensure your wood floor gets the amount of attention it needs in order to reveal its finer layer.

It doesn’t matter if your floor is made of cork, timber, particleboard, parquet et cetera. We have the various tools efficient for various types of wood floor. Our units range from simple hand tools to edger and drum sanders with proper vacuum systems that suck up 95% to 97% of dust from the process.

Here are some benefits of sanding your wood floors

  • The wood floor appears newer and smoother.
  • The revealed layer of the wood is able to soak up stain and oil to give your floor a fresher look.
  • Improves your home’s lighting and ambience.
  • Makes the floor evenly levelled.
  • Makes the floor easy to clean.
  • Staining

There are many reasons staining your wood floor is vital to the sanding process.

  • It makes your wood floor waterproof.

Even if you and your family are careful about spilling water on the floor, accidents happen. It’s a part of being human. Overtime, the occasional spills will dampen the grain fibres of your floorboards, making them soft and exposing them to other types of damage. Staining is an efficient waterproof barrier over the surface of your wood floor, preventing water from soaking in.

  • Protects your wood floor against rot

Rot is a notorious vulnerability associated with wood. Rot makes wood lose its structure and thus disintegrate. Staining your wood floor can effectively protect it from termites, mildew, mould bugs, and a lot of other pests that cause rot.

  • Blocks sunlight

While most parts of your floor are somewhat protected from sunlight, your porch’s floor and the likes don’t enjoy such a privilege. Repeated exposure will only damage and discolour the woods. Stain serves as a protective sunscreen.

  • Colours your wood floor

Staining your wood floor is a great way to add your style and personality to your finish. While pigment-based stains and dye-based stains will respectively colour wood with large pores and small pores, a colourless stain will enhance the natural colour of your wood and preserve the grain and texture.

With all these benefits in mind, GJP Floor Sanding in Lewes will employ only quality stains to give

your wood floor that touch and tone that epitomises the word ‘pristine’.

  • Finishes

Our floor sanding process is not complete without a proper finish. Finishes don’t only give wood floor a beautiful colour and sheen, but also protect them against wear, moisture, and dirt. This can be achieved using one of the assorted wood finishes available in the industry.

Here are some of them:

  • Oil-modified urethane.
  • Moisture-cured urethane.
  • Penetrating sealers.
  • Conversion-varnish sealers. Also called Swedish finishes.
  • Paste wax.
  • Water-based urethane.
  • Shellac and more.

We often recommend the suitable finish to use based on the type of wood used for your floor.  Whichever one you decide is perfect for your wood floor, our application of it will give your floor an appeal that speaks to your personality and style.

If you reside in Lewes and require any floor sanding service, give GJP Floor Sanding a call. We have the know-how, experience, and equipment to sand any type of wood floor. Is your floor made of pinewood, hardwood, or parquet? Our sanders can handle it with great finesse.

GJP Floor Sanding Lewes will also handle your fire hearth removal and repair the floor under it to blend with that of the rest of your home.

Get in touch today for a free floor sanding quote in Lewes, or to get some advice and guidance.

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