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Have you been thinking of what to do about your dreary looking wood floors?

Many people try to wax their floors themselves, but restoring old wood floors back to their remarkable shine takes a lot more than liquid polish and a soft rag. It requires professional skill and years of experience in sanding wood floors.

At GJP Floor Sanding, we offer all these qualities and more without having to worry about breaking bank.

In East Grinstead, we have transformed old wood floors to good as new by using the best equipment, authentic materials, and years of unmatched floor sanding services.

Our experts work on both home and office wood floors in East Grinstead.

For over a decade, many homes in the area have had their wood floors restored by our company. Our floor sanding service is much more than the job itself; it comprises of great customer service, friendly consultation and useful maintenance tips.Contact us for an obligation free consult on 07773 769 931                                          

We are also available all through the week if you have an emergency.

Broken floorboards, rising damp and rotting wood are some of our specialties. Damp wood is not only unsightly but unhealthy too. It qualifies as an emergency.

If your wood floors are rotting, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Request a Quote Here

Why We Are One of the Preferred Floor Sanding Services in East Grinstead

  • Professional Floor Sanding

At GJP Floor Sanding Ltd., our experts are undoubtedly the best in East Grinstead. We have skilled technicians who are authorities in their craft. They have a solution for your floor problems, and can also give great consult from prevention tips to maintenance.

  • Efficient Service Delivery

Our technicians offer excellent service by combining their decade long experience with the best resources. We have a reputation in the industry for delivering on our promise and saving our customers extra cost by using cost-effective techniques. We guarantee that you get full value for your money. Experience our quality service. To make a booking, fill our contact form HERE.

  • All Week Service Delivery

As a plus, our professionals are available to you all through the week from Monday to Sunday. So if you find yourself in urgent need of a wood floor expert or sanding technician, we are only a phone call away. We have a speedy response time and will reach you anywhere in East Grinstead.

  • Obligation Free Service

Our professional floor sanding team is always ready to answer your enquiries. If you have any questions regarding sanding your wood floors or applying protective coating, feel free to reach us. We offer an obligation free service in East Grinstead for consultation. There is no call out charge.

  • Latest Floor Sanding Equipment

We are a company that prides itself in the quality of our service. We a have a strong commitment to providing our customers with the best experience, so we spare no resources in acquiring the latest equipment and using the finest quality material. Our power vacuum minimises dust emission and does not cause any inconvenience. Do you have wood floors that need restoration? Give one of our professionals a call now 07773 769 931

The GJP Floor Sanding and Restoration Process in East Grinstead

  • Floor Repairs

Occasionally we encounter a floor that cannot be restored outright due to the extensive level of damage done to it. This is common in homes that have had rigorous domestic repair such as plumbing or factors like rising damp water damage. Our floor sanding experts in East Grinstead are trained to identify and fix such damages.

  • Filling the Gap in Between your Floorboards

In this stage, we identify and fill the gaps in between the floorboards. A lot of people like this for the uniformity it brings to their floors. Filling the gaps also provides insulation from cold air that filters in through the air bricks, hence preventing draught. It also stops the buildup of dirt that collects between the bricks.

  • Sanding Your Floor

As a business that is Which? Trusted Traders approved, GJP Floor Sanding East Grinstead maintains a high level in the quality of materials used for the sanding process. From our buffer machines to the power vacuum, we ensure that we employ the best for efficiency. For example, we use the German made “Hummel” and the Swedish made “Bonner” sanding equipment. Our power vacuum contains a hepa-filter that reduces dust and inconvenience.

  • Staining and Choosing a Colour

Stained floors add that extra touch of beauty to your room. Their appealing tone can be relaxing at home and can also give your business premises a classy look. Some favourite choice for colours among our customers include walnut and antique pine. For a more superior effect, our floor sanding experts use Morrells’ litefast floor stains which is both longer lasting and fast drying.

  • Refinishing your Floor

A recently sanded floor is extremely open to permeability by moisture, and requires immediate finishing with lacquer (varnish) or oil to give it a protective coat. Lacquer is the most practical, appealing and durable way to finish a floor. Additionally, it does not require regular maintenance throughout the year. The quality of seal used in this process is also important for the entire sanding process.

  • Fire Hearth Removal

If you have a fire hearth that you would like to rid of, we can do help. Our professional East Grinstead floor sanders can deliver a thorough service which involves the raising of the adjoining floors and replacing the space with reclaimed floorboards removing any remaining part of the hearth.

The Icon of Quality Recognition

As a badge of recognition, our business has been endorsed for its superior quality services by the Which? Trusted Trader. The UK standards organisation is responsible for conducting regular tests on traders to verify their service standards and professional code of conduct.

We are proud to say that we are part of this quality recognition.

GJP floor sanding service is your guaranteed solution for excellent floor sanding services in East Grinstead. Call today for advice, or to get a free no obligation floor sanding service quotation.

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