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Excellent Floor Sanding Services Delivered in Seaford

If your wood floors are discoloured, damaged or uneven, it may be time to get them fixed by a floor sanding expert in Seaford.

Our professionals at GJP Floor Sanding have successfully restored many uneven and damaged wood floors in Seaford. There isn’t any wood floor problem we are unfamiliar with; from mite-infested floors to rotting floorboards, our experts have repaired them.

In Seaford’s homes and commercial buildings, our floor sanding team has restored broken floors and faded wood back to their original lustre. Our business has been operational in Seaford for over 10 years, delivering superior floor sanding services and wood floor restoration to its residents.

As a member of the Which? Trusted Traders, our service excellence is undeniable, and we are the go-to company for floor sanding needs in Seaford.

In addition to that, you can request our services any day of the week, even in emergency situations. If you aren’t happy with the conditions of your wood floors, contact us. Our lines are open now 07773 769 931

GJP Floor Sanding ltd. uses the finest equipment to provide your floors with the treatment it deserves, without raising dust or causing discomfort to anyone in your home.

Call our floor sanding experts now and experience the best flooring service in Seaford.

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What Make Our Floor Sanding Service In Seaford Stand Out?

  • Expert Floor Sanders

Our expertise at what we do is borne from consistent training and longstanding service (over 10 years) in the business. We have provided the people of Seaford value added floor sanding services to give their home and offices an attractive appeal. This dedication to our practice is unrivalled in the industry.

  • Obligation Free Visits in Seaford

Seaford residents who have issues with their wood floors are free to call our service and request consultancy from any of our expert. This is at no cost to you because we are committed to ensuring that your wood floors are no longer a problem. In the case that we work on your floors, we guarantee you will receive maintenance tips to make your sanded floors last even longer.

  • Hi-Tech Equipment Floor Sanding Materials

At GJP Floor Sanding Seaford, we apply intelligent use of technology for our services. As a result, our satisfied customers can confirm that we provide quick solutions to their floor problems. Furthermore, the tools we use have been designed (Hepa filters) to reduce dust emissions by 3% – 5%, making it convenient for occupants of the area.

  • Top Class Quality

Quality is our priority for all our floor sanding technicians, so we spare no opportunity to serve you in the best way we can. We listen attentively to your problems and employ the most effective, yet inexpensive techniques, so that at the end both parties are satisfied. We do this because we understand that when you win, we also win. Our practice is recognised by Which? Trusted Traders stamp of approval.

Experience the convenience and beauty of our professionally sanded floors. Call 07773 769 931

  • Every-day Accessibility to our Service

We are easily accessible every day- including weekends. If you have any need to ring our experts on a Sunday, you are assured of a quick response. Our floor sanding business is equipped with qualified professionals and sufficient resources to service the whole of Seaford and its neighbouring areas.

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Our GJP Floor Sanding and Restoration Techniques

Here’s a step-by-step approach to how we deliver our floor sanding services to your home.

Repairing your Floors

This is the first stage where we identify any damages to your floorboards. Some domestic activities such as electrical wiring and plumbing may break your floors. Floorboards are sometimes covered by carpets and glue which make them unattractive after years. Our technicians can restore them easily by using reclaimed pine floorboards to replace the bad ones, and we’ll ensure that they fit nicely with the older boards.


Filling the Gaps in Between the Boards

In this stage, we fill the gaps between floorboards to give your floors a uniform finish. A lot of our customers like this because it feels comfortable. Another advantage is the insulation from cold air which tends to slip in through the gaps in the air bricks. In addition to draught prevention, filling the gap in between your floorboards stops dirt from accumulating in those spaces.


Floor Sanding

GJP Floor Sanding is renowned for its high professional standards in floor sanding and finishing in the Seaford area. This is because we do not compromise on the quality of tools and materials we use. We utilize the best German manufactured “Hummel” and “Swedish” made “Bonner”, including a (Hepa filter) power vacuum, that efficiently rid off dust without causing discomfort to the people around.


Staining or Choosing a Colour

You can give more shine and personality to your room by staining the floors or colouring them. The most selected choices among our customers are walnut and antique pine. Staining your floors also adds that warm cosy tone to its atmosphere. This is very appealing, especially with the right furniture to go with. At GJP Floor Sanding, we use Morrells litefast, floor stains to get the best results. They are hard wearing, quick-drying and possess a high opacity for excellent colour depth. In addition, Morrell’s has a brilliant grain definition.


Refinishing your Floor

A recently sanded floor is easily exposed to permeation by water or moisture in the atmosphere. It is therefore advisable to apply finishing to the floor using either lacquer (varnish) or oil to protect it. The most suitable however, is lacquer because it is more efficient, durable and attractive. Also, it does not require regular maintenance during the year. At GJP, our floor sanding experts are mindful of the type of sealant used during floor sanding, because its quality affects the entire sanding process.


Fire Hearth Removal

Even though it is optional, we can remove an unwanted fire hearth if you need one removed. Our thorough process includes the raising of the surrounding floor area and replacing it with reclaimed floor boards. We ensure a seamless job.

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