Floor Sanding Horsham

We sand our floors to make them beautiful and durable. Sanding does not only bring out a certain freshness in the floor, but can also make an old floor appear newly-fitted, adding value to your house. Plus, it is more cost-saving than having the whole floor changed.

Why does your floor need to be sanded?

  • To return its appeal.
  • To extend its life.
  • Sanding is an effective means of ridding your wood floor of dents and scratches.
  • If your wood floor is not well levelled, then it may need to be sanded.
  • Sanding enhances the lighting of your home, with the freshly polished surface it provides.
  • Properly filling the gaps between floorboard does not only prevent insects from entering your home via the floor, but also prevents dust and dirt from gathering in the gaps.
  • Sanding makes it possible to use stains to preserve the wood, highlight its grain, or even change the colour.

Whichever one is the reason why you need your floor sanded, GJP Floor Sanding service in Horsham will bring out the best in your wood floor. We handle both domestic and commercial floor sanding. So whether it is your home you need sanded or your gym facility, so far as it is in Horsham, GJP Floor Sanding can help you and will carry out the job with your convenience in mind.

Our floor sanding solutions in Horsham

  • Floor repairs

This can be carried out to fix dents, scratches, leaks, remove stains, or even level out your wood floor. If some parts of your floor are too damaged to be repaired with sanding, replacing the floorboards in the damaged area can be a nice way to get everything back in order again.

  • Gap filling

A properly insulated and draught-proofed floor will lower your power consumption and prevent air leaks through gaps in the floor and thus help your home retain warmth and cooling. It will also prevent insects from getting into your home and debris from gathering in gaps between floorboards.

  • Sanding

There is no better way to scrape away the old surface of your wood floor and reveal a fresher layer that responds well to staining and oiling. When done well, it will leave your home looking as good as new.

  • Staining

This can do a lot for your wood floor—make it waterproof, rot resistant, more beautiful and protected from harmful UV rays.

  • Finishes

This is not only a final decorative part of the floor sanding process, but is also a means of protecting your wood floor against wear, dirt, and moisture.

GJP Floor Sanding service in Horsham takes every aspect of the listed floor sanding process to the next level with our state-of-the-art equipment and expert contractors who are well-versed in the latest floor sanding techniques in the industry. When we touch your floor, the outcome is nothing short of pristine. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Here are the various types of finishes that can be used on a wood floor:

  • Natural oil finish

This penetrates the wood and highlights the grain. It’s easy to maintain and is ideal if you are environment and health conscious.

  • Conversion varnish

This is very durable and accentuates the grain’s depth and colour. It makes for easy repairs. If you are looking for a finish that is very resistant to chemicals, then this should work for you.

  • Moisture-cure urethane

This is more popular among industrial flooring and is extremely wear-and-chemical-resistant, making it suitable for dance floors, restaurants floors, and the likes.

  • Waterborne

This isn’t just environment-friendly. It neither discolours nor yellows with time. And it’s good for both residential and commercial use.

  • Lacquer

This dries very fast. In fact, you can usually coat over it after fifteen minutes of the previous coating. And a mistake in a coating can easily be corrected with another coating.

  • Oil-modified polyurethane

This is easy to apply, gives your wood floor depth, and can be a good choice if you are looking for something low-cost.

  • Shellac

Produced from resin, this is odour-free. It’s adhesive and can be used along with waterborne coating to improve colour.

  • Wax

If you want a finish that you can easily maintain on your own, then wax finish is a good choice. It gives your wood floor an appearance that is close to that of oil finish—quaint and radiant.

Parquet floor sanding

Some floor sanding contractors are daunted by the process of sanding and finishing parquet flooring — probably because the floor comes with a lot of complications. It sometimes involves going against the grain, which requires much care so the cross-grain scratches don’t become evident on the finished floor. Scraping off too much wood could leave the grooves exposed.

GJP Floor Sanding understands that while sanding parquet floor, any wrong move could ruin it. That’s why we employ contractors who do not simply rely on equipment, contractors who will sail over your parquet floor with impressive delicacy and skill.

Why hire GJP for Floor Sanding in Horsham

  • Experience and speed

When you hire us, you are not merely getting your wood floor sanded. You are harnessing our numerous years of experience, giving your floor a look that seamlessly coalesces beauty, symmetry, and durability.

That’s not all. You also get speed, should your floor sanding needs be an emergency. Perhaps you want your store’s wood floor sanded as quickly as possible so that the process does not affect your sales. GJP Floor Sanding in Horsham cares about your business and will apply every necessary measure to finish our work swiftly so you can resume business.

  • Dust free sanding

Sand dust is often a major environmental issue with floor sanding. But with the right experience, skills, and tools, this can be properly managed. GJP Floor Sanding employs latest sanders and edger equipped with vacuum systems that suck up ninety-five to ninety-seven percent of dust produced during sanding.

  • We are affordable

Wood floor are supposed to be cost-effective, and sanding it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. GJP Floor Sanding doesn’t only offer exceptional value for rates that are very reasonable, but also counsel our clients on how to manage and maintain their wood floor to ensure it lasts long without needing extra expenses.

Why not give is a call today for free floor restoration advice or an obligation free quote?

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