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With the first two months of 2017 already behind us, it is about the right time for a brief glance at the wood flooring trends that are expected to be on the top this year. That will open a window of great opportunities and choices for you, in case you are planning to replace your old, outworn and tired floors with new, fresh and stylish ones.

Considering the fact that purchasing a new wooden floor is a pretty serious investment and a decision that you cannot take overnight, it is a good thing to keep in mind that the choosing process can be long and tiresome. Before you settle on a particular style, you have you research the different types of grain, texture, even colour. They are all of crucial importance to your house’s new and improved appearance. Keep in mind that current trends and designs on the flooring market are here only with an orientational purpose. We are just showing you the trends, but the final decision is in your hands. Tendencies are also a proof of the industry’s improvement and innovations, as well as the achievements in the branch. Although when it comes to wood flooring, trends are not changing every season, for obvious reasons, it is pretty much impossible to follow them all the time. This is why you need to settle on a certain style and design of wood flooring that makes you happy at this moment, thus making a decision you won’t regret. In case your choice does not correspond with the current trends, fret not, you are not obliged to follow them. Trends are here to suggest and inspire you, the rest is your personal style and preference.

With that being said, let’s talk about the expected trends for 2017 and offer additional inspiration for you. But before having a further glance at the topic, we should make a quick summary about 2016. We will provide you with an interesting insight into what wood flooring options homeowners and business owners preferred for the last year, as well as which trends will remain in 2017.

Hardwood Flooring Statistics For 2016 That Will Impress You

The industry is sharing (according to a report article that is published in the Magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association):

  • The sales of hardwood flooring have risen significantly for the past year. Wood is dominating the popularity rates, with a 66% increase in the sales in USA and Europe.
  • With the sturdy climb of the sales, a question arises about the wood species that are most purchased and preferred by clients across the world. The answer to that questions comes with the reveal that 33% of the sales come from white oak only. With the cult to oaks, it is not surprising that second place belongs to red oak with another 32% of the sales. A dominant position for oak, right, and this tendency will remain unchanged in 2017.
  • In the informal contest about a favourite finisher, the prize goes to the group of water-based finishers with an impressive rate of 49%. The runner-up is the group of the oil-modified finishes. However, their popularity will keep increasing throughout 2017.
  • Solid wood flooring vs engineered wood flooring is a controversial topic since… well, since the beginning of the world. Recent reports reveal that 62% of the year’s sales in 2016 came from solid wood, while 38% of people ended up buying an engineered wood flooring. However, the engineered wood’s number is going to continue growing in the next few years, because it is less prone to damage.

Guide To The Wood Flooring Trends For 2017

So, what wood flooring types, colours, finishes, sizes, wood species and patterns will be in? Considering that at the end of every year, homeowners and business managers are looking for options to improve the condition and appearance of their properties, the winter period is the best time for making some general changes. One of those changes usually is replacing the dirty carpet with a new and shiny wooden floor. Here is some further inspiration for you!

Solid Wood

Well, even though we mentioned the engineered wood’s increase in popularity, solid wood is still a sustainable option and a statement choice. Before engineered wood manages to steal the spotlight from their counterpart, you can still enjoy the classical and traditional solid wood option, while making sure that you are trendy. Surfing the fashion wave like it is nobody’s business, solid wood contributes for complimenting a really impressive range of interior designs and styles. With a span of ranges (from modern, to urban, even to futuristic interiors), it is still a viable option when it comes to being chic and classy. A new wooden floor can definitely make a strong statement about your lifestyle and compliment your decoration. Solid wood looks great installed in bedrooms, living rooms, lounge areas and even kitchens. When installed in the latter, however, make sure to take care of your floor, because its sturdiness and condition can be easily affected by the high temperature amplitudes and the higher level of indoor humidity.

Greys and Whites

“Speaking of trendy colours, greys and whites will remain very trendy in 2017. The colour scheme that was highly preferred and fashionable in 2016 was all about the minimalistic, simple and monochrome look. Greys and whites are perfectly complimenting those visions and concepts.” explains homeware expert Julie Field from SoCal Carpentry.  The peak of the fame of grey and white floors, however, is expected in 2017, mostly because of the fact that those spectrums are working great in the oh-so-fashionable Scandinavian-inspired interior design style everyone is going crazy about. Even if your old wooden floor is in some darker shades, there is an affordable solution – the floor’s appearance can be easily transformed via staining. If you want some colour shades that will follow the trends your best option is to book a trustworthy specialist floor sanding company.

UV Oil Finishes

Let’s talk about a trendy appearance and functionality! Oil finishes are gaining more and more popularity in the recent years, because they are highlighting the natural texture and pattern of wood. Also apparent is a boost of the floor’s beauty, as well as the added bonus of protecting and preserving this mixture of texture and colour. Adding the UV-filter to this oil finish comes with even more benefits, main reason being that because your wooden floor is guaranteed to be protected from the excessive exposure on direct sunlight, that can lead to dryness and squeaky noises, even loose and broken planks later on.


At the other end of the wood flooring world, rustic floors are making fans lose their minds 2017. Since the clean and simple lines of the Scandinavian home décor are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, people from the pole are choosing the rustic style that is inspired by farms, old cottages and buildings that carry the old-world spirit of the European culture. Rustic is also one of the grades wood is categorized into, it features a lot of strong, natural patterns, lots of swirls, and even knots. That type of wood is often considered as lower quality, but this is not the truth at all. Rustic wood floors bring a lot of individuality and character in your home’s décor.

Wide Planks

Another flooring fashion trend that is not only appealing, but also very functional. Wide planks are a great option that visually helps smaller rooms and spaces appear even more ampler than they are. If you choose lighter coloured wood species, along with wide planks and a high gloss finish, for an example the Massimo range of extra long and extra wide Quick-Step flooring, can make even Harry Potter’s cupboard look as spacious as the campus of Hogwarts.

Reclaimed Wood

Finally, an eco-friendly wood flooring option for you. Reclaimed wood’s popularity has increased a lot in the past couple of years. The whole conception behind it includes “saving” aged wooden floors from old buildings. By recycling these wooden floors that are still in fairly good condition, you are not only making a sustainable and eco-friendly choice, but also enjoying a lot of character, charm and individuality brought forth by a set of old, but still entrancing wooden planks.

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