Buffing Wooden Floors

There is no better way to renew the appearance of a scratched, timeworn finish than buffing the floor. While buffing is part of the professional process of wood floor restoration, it can also serve as a standalone process for restoring the brilliance of a tired floor. Our sanding and buffing process experts in Surrey are able to provide you with the right solution for your wood floor, ensuring that you get value for money through the money.

Buffing is popularly called the screen and recoat technique, and as the saying goes, buffing isn’t meant to remove heavy damage like deep scratches and dents—just surface damage. It is also a means of protecting a wooden floor, or rather, deferring the need for a major refinish or replacement work. Our customers, over the years, have been consistently surprised that a wood floor buffing process was able to achieve the results it did; an extremely happy with the money they saved.

Why buff your wooden floor in Surrey?


Buffing entails lightly sanding away the worn finish and covering the wood with a new coat of finish. Buffing isn’t meant to eliminate the stain or colour. Instead, it is merely to strip away the outside layers of the wood floor’s protective coating.

When to buff your wooden floor

This is dependent on the condition of your old finish. If your wooden floor is chipped, peeling, or exhibits discoloration, then buffing may not do the job. Sanding and refinishing, however, will. But then, if your finish has grown dull because of surface scratches and wear caused by your daily activities, then buffing and recoating the affected areas or the whole floor will restore the beauty of the floor surface. It is all about the level of wear and damage.

Our wood floor buffing professionals can advise you on the best process for your floors. We are on the end of the phone ready to advise, and can come to you for a free Surrey wood floor assessment.

When buffing will not work


Before buffing, it is vital to determine the type of finish that is present on your wooden floor. A wooden floor previously finished with wax or oil-based products has to be stripped of the old compound before buffing.

  • When the wooden floor was previously treated with a wax finish. The result of buffing and recoating such a floor may be unsatisfactory, because the new finish can react with the old one. This leads to peeling and blistering. There are only two ways out of this. One is by reapplying wax to the floor before buffing. The other is by completely stripping the wax finish through a sanding process.
  • If your old floor was treated with aluminium oxide, then the buffing and recoating process will likely not be successful. Sanding and refinishing the floor are recommended in this case.
  • If your goal is to change your floor’s colour, then buffing and recoating will not do the job. Completely sanding the floor to reveal a fresh layer of the wood and then applying new stain with the colour you want will get it done.
  • Buffing and recoating will not resolve issues with discolouration of your wooden floors caused by ultraviolet radiation.

How buffing and coating benefit you and your wooden floor

  • It adds value and beauty to your home.
  • It’s much faster and easier than sanding and refinishing for removing scratches inflicted by furniture, shoes, and other abrasions.
  • Buffing can be a great way to suspend the need for a total refinishing project.
  • Replacing wooden floors isn’t only comprehensive; it can be expensive too. While sanding and refinishing aren’t as costly, buffing a wooden floor is the most cost-effective option for most wooden floors.
  • Buffing, if done properly, can give your wooden floor the same refreshing appearance you would get through a refinishing process.

If you are ever in doubt whether your wooden floor in Surrey needs buffing and recoating, or if you ever need a quote for buffing and recoating your floor, GJP Floor Sanding and Wood Buffing Surrey is at your service. Give us a call and find out how we have made hundreds of flooring customers in Surrey happy over the years.

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