At the Amberly Castle, you will see just how timeless hardwood floors can be. For this unique and incredible job, GJP experts had to live up to an historic, gorgeous home’s exterior and classic furnishings. Our process of buffing and staining brought out the best possible look of elegance and beauty from the present hardwood floors, providing the perfect interior to match the sculpted gardens outside. Our buffing was able to remove all scratches to bring back the flooring’s original look and feel before we treated it with a high quality dark stain to contrast and really bring out the light tones of the house’s intricate rugs and seating.

Whether or not you live in a castle, it’s important to have floors that will compliment your interior and exteriors. That’s why buffing and refinishing can be so important—it’s the final touch to give any home, even castles, and a perfectly polished and finished look.